Ishani banerji, training and doing dissertation in Embryology


Biotechnology training :Ishani banerji under the guidance of Dr.Dharmendra (Phd. embryology) is undergoing training and her dissertation in mammalian oocyte in-vitro maturation and In-vitro fertilization at our embryology training laboratory section. We have started training biotech students in our DNA laboratory and embryology lab. They will do their dissertation and further training in Human IVF and embryology under guidance of Dr.Rinku and Dr.D’Pankar Banerji. We invite students to do their dissertation . We are formulating the curriculum for fellowship program for IVF, Embryology and Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology training.241



Identified a case of ?Posterior urethral valve in Fetus

fetal dilated kidneysFetal Kidney,Posterior urethral valve 1

I did genetic sonogram,but could not find any other anomalies

The second trimester genetic sonogram

Sonographic features of fetal aneuploidy ( Chromosomal anomalies)

All pregnancies are theoretically at risk of aneuploidy. We do genetic sonography with our latest 5-D sonography machine : Samsung UGEO WS80A

In aneuploid fetus sonography may reveal :

  1. Structural anomalies
  2. Aneuploidy markers
  3. Other findings : Intrauterine growth retardation, polyhydramnios,

1.Structural anomalies may be :

  1. central nervous system anomalies
  2. Facial abnormalities
  3. Cystic hygroma
  4. Diaphragmatic hernia
  5. Cardiac Defects
  6. Gastrointestinal Abnormalities
  7. Genitourinary anomalies.
  8. Non immune hydrops.
  9. Extremity anomalies.
  10. Aneuploidy markers:( ” Soft Markers”) : variation in normal anatomy that, except for their relationship to aneuploidy( esp. Trisomy 21) are unlikely to be clinically significant. Compared to the structural anomalies , markers are often transient and non specific findings which can  also occur frequently in euploid fetuses
  11. Nuchal fold thickening
  12. Echogenic intracardiac focus
  13. Shortened long bones
  14. Hyperechoic bowel
  15. Renal pyelectasis
  16. Choroid plexus cysts.
  17. Clinodactyly.
  18. Hypoplastic or absent nasal bone.
  19. Single umbilical artery

IVF with clomephene citrate

Getting good results; Milder stimulation with 4-8 eggs, good blastocysts. Achieved 76 % implantation in December 2014

Fetus Day

Fetus day . … A new concept started by Dr.D’Pankar Banerji of Jabalpur ,MP India in 2010 by celebrating fetus day on 31st October.

Fetus day 31st October celebrated in 2014 on 9th November 2014.

DSC_6797 DSC_6725 DSC_6825


INfertility-new INsights 2014

INfertility- new INsights: 2014

Date : 1st June 2014, Sunday

Venue : Hotel Gulzaar, Jabalpur, MP ,Jabalpur

Timing : 11 am-5 pm

Hosted By :

Banerji Research Foundation, Jabalpur .

in association with

Jabalpur Obstetrics and Gynecological Society ( JOGS)


PreCME Workshop: 9 am-10.45am                          Registration for workshop: Rs.500

IUI and sperm preparation techniques

Modern criteria of semen analysis

Workshop Co-ordinators

Dr.Priya Bhave, Bhopal                                                                                                  Dr.Mrs. Rinku Banerji, Jabalpur


CME : 11.00 am onwards

(No registration required)

 Moderator : Dr.D’Pankar Banerji

Why IUI fails? Who should be treated and Expectations of treatment

Dr.Anuradha Khar

15 min

How to convert an IUI set up to IVF setup?

Charulata Chatterji

15 min

Is there any “successful” Stimulation Protocol, for IUI and/or IVF, or it should be individualised ?

Dr.Vijaylaxmi Pillai


Recurrent implantation failure : Role of intrauterine hCG

Dr.Sankalp singh

15 min

Is there any difference between urinary highly purified gonadotropins and Recombinant ones

Dr. D’Pankar Banerji

15 min

Embryo Transfer: Which day is better. Day 2 or day 5

Dr.Rajlaxmi Walavalkar

15 min

Hydrosalpinx:  What next….. tuboplasty or IVF?

Dr.Kaberi Banerji

15 min

Lunch         1.30  –  2p.m.

Incubator for IUI and IVF lab : CO2 incubator or Triple Gas incubator or Benchtops

Dr.Rajeev Sharma

15 min

Pre-treatment hormone investigations and managing PCOS with IUI and IVF

Dr.Seema Tripathy Pandey

20 min

How to select best sperms for IUI or IVF ?

Dr. Sarika Sharma

15 min

Maintaining pH and Temperature of culture media inside incubator: New Insights

Dr.Rajeev Sharma


How to improve pregnancy rate in patients with endometriosis?

Priya Bhave

20 min

How to monitor IUI or IVF cycles for best results?

Dr. Rajlaxmi Walavalkar

15 min

Oocyte cryopreservation : New era of fertility treatment

Dr.Kaberi Banerji

20 min

Does G-CSF help improving thickness in patients with Persistant thin endometrium

Dr.Sankalp Singh

15 min

Panel Discussion          4.30  –  5p.m.

Panel discussion will be conducted by Dr.Shweta Kaul Jha, Indore & Dr. Arshu Iqbal, Kota

Bridge Course in Biotechnology,University to Industry : 2nd June to 12 June 2014


Comparing Benchtop Incubators with Conventional one

Reasons behind liking towards Benchtops ( with gas mixers ) 1. Its recovery time is fast. 2. You can adjust the gas concentrations according to your need ( what you can not do with simple warmer like benchtops). 3.Its a direct heat transfer technology,so regaining the temperature is fast. 4. Upper lid is also warmed and slightly higher than the base ( so evaporation is is less hence change in osmolality of media in long term culture will be less,( hence no need of waterbody, maybe similar to embryoscope,which I don’t have. 5. Multiple individual chambers for each patient ( we can keep them exclusively for one patient). 6. Occupies less space in lab. We get hatching blasts in my Benchtop, we get pregnancies too,but compared to blast transfers of both system, conventional gave better pregnancy rates . Questions is :Can we improve it more or similar to conventional,. We are doing this study from pre-equilibration to day5 with sibling oocytes in both systems, with same gas concentrations ( CO2 concentration is set according to the pH measured in conventional one). I am trying to get ideas from my fellow IVF professionals and embryomailers ( in other forum). I received a beautiful paper on various incubation system ,(but still less with benchtops with gas mixers), which I can share on request.

If you want to come to us: Read this website, a useful guide to a traveler to my city

A documentary made by one of my French patient,Isabell Stroh. She writes in details about us and the city and the culture and ambience.

Treating one patient with severe PCOD with Hirsutism, with in-vitro maturation

A patient with severe hirsutism and PCOD. Under gone thrice IVF, first two cancelled because of ,first no stimulation and then hyperstimulation. Thiird attempt: stimulation for 6 days and Hcg when follicles are small. one egg retrieved…In-vitro matured for two days then ICSI ied ..Led to Pregnancy, Developed severe diabetes in early pregnancy ,partially controlled by Insulin,but aborted at 20 weeks.
Now she is again referred from Nagpur,Fourth attempt…no eggs
Fifth attempt : stimulation for 7 days ( FSH and GnRhanta). then hCG…three immature eggs ( see vedio) ,.In-Vitro matured for two days…Reached MII stage..ICSI ied by Dr. Rinku Banerji , ….Embryos transfered on day 3( 24th Feb 2014)immature eggs of Sumedha Chaubey_xvid_001 ( See Video)….Waiting for the result