Ishani banerji, training and doing dissertation in Embryology


Biotechnology training :Ishani banerji under the guidance of Dr.Dharmendra (Phd. embryology) is undergoing training and her dissertation in mammalian oocyte in-vitro maturation and In-vitro fertilization at our embryology training laboratory section. We have started training biotech students in our DNA laboratory and embryology lab. They will do their dissertation and further training in Human IVF and embryology under guidance of Dr.Rinku and Dr.D’Pankar Banerji. We invite students to do their dissertation . We are formulating the curriculum for fellowship program for IVF, Embryology and Molecular Genetics and Molecular Pathology training.241



The second trimester genetic sonogram

Sonographic features of fetal aneuploidy ( Chromosomal anomalies)

All pregnancies are theoretically at risk of aneuploidy. We do genetic sonography with our latest 5-D sonography machine : Samsung UGEO WS80A

In aneuploid fetus sonography may reveal :

  1. Structural anomalies
  2. Aneuploidy markers
  3. Other findings : Intrauterine growth retardation, polyhydramnios,

1.Structural anomalies may be :

  1. central nervous system anomalies
  2. Facial abnormalities
  3. Cystic hygroma
  4. Diaphragmatic hernia
  5. Cardiac Defects
  6. Gastrointestinal Abnormalities
  7. Genitourinary anomalies.
  8. Non immune hydrops.
  9. Extremity anomalies.
  10. Aneuploidy markers:( ” Soft Markers”) : variation in normal anatomy that, except for their relationship to aneuploidy( esp. Trisomy 21) are unlikely to be clinically significant. Compared to the structural anomalies , markers are often transient and non specific findings which canĀ  also occur frequently in euploid fetuses
  11. Nuchal fold thickening
  12. Echogenic intracardiac focus
  13. Shortened long bones
  14. Hyperechoic bowel
  15. Renal pyelectasis
  16. Choroid plexus cysts.
  17. Clinodactyly.
  18. Hypoplastic or absent nasal bone.
  19. Single umbilical artery