Fetus Day

Fetus day(31oct) Celebration, Jabalpur MP
Organized by:
Banerji Research Foundation
In Association with JOGS and IRIA(Jabalpur)
Endorsed by :Society of Fetal Medicine
Venue: Hotel Gulzar, Madan mahal road, Jabalpur
Date : 6.11.2016
Time: 9 am to 4pm
Session 1 : Genetics: 9 am to 11 am
1. Basic Genetics for non geneticists, How to apply Genetics in clinical practice: Dr.D’Pankar Banerji , 20 min
2. Advances in Genetic testing in care of the unborn fetus : Dr.Ratna Dua Puri, New Delhi, 20 min
3. Non Invasive Prenatal test-Current scenario ,What to know and what not to know:  Dr.Ratna Dua Puri, New Delhi, 20 Min

  1. Case presentation with panel Discussion, cases form participating Obgy and Paediatricians are taken: 60 minutes, Dr.Ratna Dua Puri, Dr. Preeti Parekh Tomar, Dr.D’Pankar Banerji

Session 2: Obstetric sonography and Fetal Monitoring : 11.15am to 1.30 noon

1. What you should know when managing a Twin pregnancy: Dr. Mayank Choudhry, Ahmedabad
2. Optimizing outcome in Fetal Growth Restriction: Dr.Chanchal Singh, New Delhi
3. Placental sonography standarization : Accreta, increta and percreta., Dr. Mayank Choudhry, Ahmedabad
Lunch: 1.30 to 2.00pm
Session 3 : Live demonstration/ Lecture: 2pm to 4 pm
1. Fetal Neurosonography: Dr.Mayank Choudhry.

  1. Screening for congenital heart disease in routine scan: Dr. Chanchal Singh
    3. Basics of color doppler imaging of uterine artery in Pre-eclampsia:Dr. Sneh Choubey, Jabalpur
    4. Evaluation of Umbilical artery, Middle cerebral artery , ductus venosus : Dr. Preeti Parekh Tomar, Indore