Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Frozen Thawed Oocyte

Since its advent in 1992, ICSI has become used routinely in the vast majority of IVF units and has been found to be a safe and effective means of treating male factor infertility. ICSI has proven to a powerful tool in overcoming severe male factor cases which, prior to ICSI, treated with donor sperm. Although there has been conflicting data regarding the efficacy of ICSI in preventing or minimizing total fertilization failure ( it is condition, in conventional IVF, where we put eggs and prepared sperms in a dish to meet each other spontaneously, a natural process takes place in human fallopian tubes….and not a single sperm enters into any egg, or there is no fertilization). It happens in couples with unexplained infertility. The application of ICSI has been successfully extended to assisted reproduction techniques cases that involve sperm retrieval for either obstructive azoopermia or non-obstructive azoospermia. ICSI is also recommended in order to fertilize cryopreserved-thawed oocytes. Furthermore , ICSI is preferred in cases of pre-impantation genetic screening/preimplantaion genetic diagnosis in order to eliminate the risk of polyspermy that otherwise may affect the genetic make-up of the resultant embryo

Can fertility be preserved by Cryopreservation technology

Cryopreservation technology can be applied to Sperm, Embryo and Oocytes

The advantage of Sperm preservation is , easy to obtain in most patients, It has excellent results, and having a long track record of good success, but he bad part is , it is only for the male.

On the other hand , Embryo cryopreservation or freezing advantages are , excellent results in young patients and again a long good an successful track record. But the disadvantages are , it requires in vitro fertilization to obtain eggs, and may be financially costly and requires female patients to choose sperm donor before cryopreservation.

In Oocyte freezing or cryopreservation, the advantages are very good result in young patients and it does not require female patients to choose sperm donor before cryopreservaion, but bad part is, again it requires IVF to obtain eggs, it may be financially costly and relatively short track record.

Even ovarian cryopreservation is on its way, thin slices are stored  and frozen.

Freezing or cryopreservation is now a days are done by rapid freezing, a procedure called ” Vitrification” 

In our center, Ideal Fertility  Center , we are doing vitrification of embryos since long with very good result of “Blastocyst Freezing” with almost 100% recovery for transfer.

Sperms are stored long and before actual IVF procedure, so that if the male partner is not able to provide semen on the oocyte recovery day, we can use the frozen ones successfully.

We have started oocyte vitrification, and achieved one pregnancy too, but we are at a beginning , in future , soon we are starting our ” Egg Banking” services for those females, who because of their carrier demand can not reproduce in younger age and they can have their own child in later part of life.

A Taboo of not disclosing about ” my baby is a IVF baby” Broken







piplani 17.4.2016   It was my feeling since long , that , the couples treated at our center, don’t want to disclose that, they are being treated for IVF treatment, in their family or in society. Even the couples treated successfully and delivered child, are reluctant to get photographed and avoid telling their near and dears, that they are being treated at our center. Few of them, even didn’t disclose us that, they have delivered the child and they never come back. This is a great stigma attached with IVF treatment ( I may be wrong). Either, they don’t want to get stamped, that they are unable to reproduce naturally, and they took a help of doctor, and  feel inferior, if everybody know this fact. Or may be, society may say, that this is not their biological child ( may be due to ignorance). But, this is the usual behavior, I perceived.

But Yesterday, I went to deliver a lecture among doctors of Burgad of Odisa state, and while I was talking to the gathering, A couple with a grown up baby entered into the hall. I recognized them. They were couple from Burgad, and I treated them 7/8 yrs back, and they delivered a child. They were the same.

After finishing my talk, they came infront and told the audience, that they had been treated by me, show the child, as a result of the treatment. They were so happy to meet me and showing the child, and even allowed me to discus their case,as they were treated with IVF/ICSI. It was a great surprise with nice feelings for me.

IMA Burgarh 17.4.2016